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Atlanta-based startup Intellimedix is changing the face of medicine by using advanced technology to analyze gene mutations and are pioneering a new field they call “diseaseomics.” Using predictive algorithms, Intellimedix can identify more... Read more


Traveling is a favorite pastime for millions, but planning trips can be a huge headache. Reading through hundreds of reviews, constantly monitoring airline prices, booking a hotel and creating an itinerary can sometimes seem like a full-time job. Luckily, there is a plethora of travel... Read more


Sustaining a successful business requires more than just a great idea. Entrepreneurs should be sponges, soaking in advice from all possible sources. One hugely overlooked medium of information, however, is podcasts or radio shows. The wild popularity of “Serial” has brought... Read more


ExamMed, the only universal healthcare technology platform, officially launched at the end of January and is setting a new standard for virtual and in-office care. The new technology allows healthcare providers to access, manage and deliver care in... Read more


This week we’re spotlighting StoryCall, an Atlanta-based startup headquartered at Atlanta Tech Village. StoryCall is a service and web tool that aims to document family legacies by allowing entire... Read more


Over the past five years, Atlanta has launched a number of startups into successful businesses. While the city used to be considered a starting out point where many ideas were born, it didn’t have the resources to sustain those ideas. In fact,  Read more


This past Tuesday, December 9, SwitchPitch made its debut in Atlanta at Terminal West. About 85 local startups and 8 large corporations were in attendance for this role-reversal event that seeks to switch up the norm of startups... Read more


The holidays are upon us, believe it or not, and that means everyone is busy with gift shopping, spending time with friends and family and attending holiday parties. Atlanta startups have a lot of fun events coming up, including the SWEeT Holiday Party, SwitchPitch and Atlanta Tech... Read more


In today’s fast-paced world, anything that makes life easier has a high probability of success, especially when it’s available on a smartphone. In our smartphone-dependent lives, it’s not surprising that the mobile startup industry is booming. Start-Opia Radio had the opportunity... Read more


Continuing the startup career theme from last week’s blog post, this week we’re talking about the 7 things you should do to get hired at a startup. The most important thing to... Read more


The startup industry is booming and provides millions of jobs every year. Startups are constantly developing and changing, and therefore, they should be taking the hiring process extremely seriously. A bad hire can be extremely costly to the work environment and, as well as... Read more


Earlier this week, Atlanta entrepreneurs and investors gathered for The Ignition Project 2014. The goal of The Ignition Project is to connect promising entrepreneurs and angel investors to ignite early-stage success. This year, eight... Read more

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