Start-Opia is a destination for anyone who has a vested interest in the success of emerging companies, whether they are in Beta, Launch, Scale or Sale mode. Startup companies don’t come and go. They simply evolve–sometimes for as long as a decade, if not longer. While their needs change, they must remain accessible.

This new online portal offers ongoing exchange of information, collaboration and engagement between influencers, capitalists, startups and professional service experts.



Company is in play. Your focus has been on finalizing the solution. You need some preliminary exposure in order to gain beta users, possibly position the company for funding and ready the brand for launch.


Revenue Mode

Ducks are aligned. Team is in place. Beta was successful. Some money is in the bank. Ready to ramp up marketing. No more stealth. Time to launch creatively.



You’re not necessarily new to the game, but that doesn’t mean you;re opposed to pursuing capital to continue to scale. Now more than ever is the time to elevate your identity and reputation.



By definition, you still consider yourself a start-up, a disruptor even if those early stage days seem long ago. Your exit strategy is clear to you, now it’s time to articulate it strategically to get the best dollars.



They are the champions of Start-Opia, pioneers in their own right regardless of their classification as Startup [yet another fearless optimist eager to change the world or at the very least, a segment of an antiquated industry], the Capitalist [unwavering in their support to infuse dollars into the next great MindSpring, ISS, Vitrue or Pardot], the Expert [the varied collection of service professionals who are willing to work for food, equity or good old fashion cash to support the dreams of the next great innovator] and the Influencer [that critical extended community that often has dedicated its entire existence to the entrepreneurial cause, be it an association, a super angel group, a technology village or media outlet]. So visit us often or occasionally to see the stars of Start-Opia, front and center.


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