Start-Opia is a destination for anyone who has a vested interest in the success of emerging companies, whether they are in Beta, Launch, Scale or Sale mode. Startup companies don’t come and go. They simply evolve–sometimes for as long as a decade, if not longer. While their needs change, they must remain accessible.

This new online portal offers ongoing exchange of information, collaboration and engagement between influencers, capitalists, startups and professional service experts.


The Latest on Startup Fashion  What you missed – Everybody has become an expert on fashion. Celebs are launching their own style publications/e-commerce sites. Gwyneth’s got  Read more


Key Takeaways Re: Bitcoin from Startopia What You Missed –  Read more


Atlanta-based startup HUX is taking the stress out of home cleaning. Boasting a five-star rating on Yelp and plenty of positive reviews, the “Uber of housecleaning” is becoming a must-use service... Read more


Key Takeaways Re: Livestreaming From Start-Opia What You Missed – All the cool kids are livestreaming. Though many apps exist to capture and broadcast live video with a smartphones, Meerkat and Periscope lead the pack by miles. Politicians are  Read more


Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and CEO of Revolution, is stopping in Atlanta with the Rise of the Rest tour Thursday, May 7 to hear from Atlanta’s best and brightest and invest $100,000 in a local startup. The Rise of the Rest Tour is designed to... Read more


Corporations are taking note as Atlanta continues to foster growth for startups and large companies alike while establishing itself as a hub for technology talent. Results of a recent study by... Read more


Key Takeaways Re: Streaming Music from Start-Opia What You Missed – Spotify is still the big dog with 60 million users (including 15 million paid subscribers). Tidal—three weeks into its much-hyped launch—is... Read more


Key Takeaways Re: Wearables from Start-Opia What You Missed – In the fast-growing wearables world, FitBit still dominates the activity-tracking popularity contest. Even in spite of the Apple Watch’s  Read more


One Spark, “The World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival,” attracts innovators and dreamers to Jacksonville, Fla., for six days to showcase their latest projects in technology, health & science, music, social good and education. The... Read more


Key Takeaways Re: the Apple Watch From Start-Opia What You Missed – With pre-sales beginning April 10 (in-store April 24) the Apple Watch hype machine kicks into sixth gear. Some analysts say there will be 1... Read more


It’s important for small businesses and startups to maintain a strong presence on social media to reach target audiences and convey key messages. With more than one billion users on Facebook alone, opportunities for consumer engagement and targeted marketing are... Read more


Atlanta-based startup Intellimedix is changing the face of medicine by using advanced technology to analyze gene mutations and are pioneering a new field they call “diseaseomics.” Using predictive algorithms, Intellimedix can identify more... Read more


Traveling is a favorite pastime for millions, but planning trips can be a huge headache. Reading through hundreds of reviews, constantly monitoring airline prices, booking a hotel and creating an itinerary can sometimes seem like a full-time job. Luckily, there is a plethora of travel... Read more


Sustaining a successful business requires more than just a great idea. Entrepreneurs should be sponges, soaking in advice from all possible sources. One hugely overlooked medium of information, however, is podcasts or radio shows. The wild popularity of “Serial” has brought... Read more

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